Tom Mottershead

I'm Tom Mottershead, a singer-songwriter & music producer from Brisbane Australia with a mission to speak God's kindness and comfort into weary and hurting hearts through gospel-inspired music.

With the growing numbers struggling with mental health, I hope through my music to build awareness to the needs in society and see broken hearts begin to heal in the presence of God’s kindness. I seek through my music to capture the range of emotions God feels towards us - from the tenderness of his heart to the extravagance of his love.

I write from own mental health journey, having experienced personal transformation as God meets me with compassion in the midst of my battles. I desire to be authentic in my lyrics and messages, to communicate the many relatable challenges as well as breakthroughs I encounter along walk with God. My aim is that in expressing vulnerability through music, I can encourage others to open up about their own life battles and experience healing in community through Christ.